From this life we leave only with
our deeds.

Bucurie în Dar (Gift of Joy) Association (Nonprofit Organization)

We support with all our power those who have no one else to rely on. Our mission is to bring joy where there is no more joy, in the hearts of as many people as possible, young and old, together with you.

Our Activity

Dear people, all our work and goods, including the existence of this association, are owed to you, they are yours! We just use them carefully, wisely, and for a noble purpose. So, all the praise you address to us, we share with you, because without you we would not exist, and without each other, we would have achieved none of what we have achieved!

3.2 Tons+


products gifted.



for those in need.

24 Tons+


items donated until now.

26 Tons+


for the ones in need.

Projects & Campaigns

Discover some of our projects and campaigns, and find out how you can help those who need you.


Other ways of helping

There are other ways to help also. Here's how you can contribute:

Donate goods

Donate clothes, food, medicines, hygiene products, books, toys, furniture, or other goods that can be useful to families or children!


You can fil out form 230 online and for free, to redirect 3.5% of your income tax, or download the sponsorship contract.


What can you do to help? There are so many lonely old people, disabled people, prisoners in their own homes, abandoned women raising their children alone and many other cases that need your help. We provide you with food, medicine and everything necessary for these souls, and you just have to take them home. And obviously in our many activities, preparing gifts for the Holy holidays, arranging the donations received and much more. We are waiting for you with love and joy!

They are also ours!

We've met hundreds of children, some of them live in the city, others in villages, some in the fields or in channels, some healthy, others suffering from cancer, leukemia, or severe forms of paralysis. BUT they all have something in common: they are INNOCENT and all they want is the same thing, to be loved, just like each of us desires. Help us to help them!

Portrait of a child
Icon of Saint John the Merciful Center

"St. John The Merciful" Center

Together we save lives, change destinies, heal souls. Each of us has gone through a dark period at least once in life, from which we didn't know how to escape. We've seen family members, friends, loved ones in our life suffering, and then we understood what a helping hand or a shoulder to cry on means. How much the help offered with empathy, with care and love, counts! In such moments, you need support - and I firmly believe that the team of the "St. John the Merciful" Center will strive to bring solace, healing, and support to those who say: "Help me!"

Our Team

Meet our team! We are people who are passionate about what we do and wish to bring a positive impact in the world.

Alexandru Ionescu President

Alexandru Ionescu


Andreea Constantinescu VP & Marketing coordinator

Andreea Constantinescu

VP & Marketing coordinator

Cioltan Marius VP & Logistics coordinator

Cioltan Marius

VP & Logistics coordinator

Teodor Nemțeanu Principal coordinator of emergency stuations

Teodor Nemțeanu

Principal coordinator of emergency stuations

Alina Cernea Assistant & Principal coordinator

Alina Cernea

Assistant & Principal coordinator

Cristian Simionescu Communications & Public relations specialist

Cristian Simionescu

Communications & Public relations specialist

Evelin Principal social assistant


Principal social assistant

Ovidiu Horațiu Doctor architect

Ovidiu Horațiu

Doctor architect

Titus Necea Software developer

Titus Necea

Software developer

Fabian Ghenof Software developer

Fabian Ghenof

Software developer



We are volunteers who, after a few years of humanitarian activities, founded the Bucurie în Dar (Gift oj Joy) Association to help on a larger scale. We are people who live for others, not just for ourselves. With God's help and with your support, in a joint effort, we want to bring joy to the hearts of many people, both big and small, young and old. We have the freedom to choose what we do in this life, and we have chosen to help - and we do it with all our joy and all our love. Share joy with us too!